10 Giugno 2023
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ILCEA has always been synonymous with incomparable quality calfskins for the world’s leading footwear manufacturers.

Since it was founded, the company’s mission has been to join the elite, distinguishing itself from other companies in the industry through attention to detail and the constant search for perfection.

ILCEA is quality without compromise, its production today still using the traditional techniques that have all but disappeared in the tanning industry.

Slow tanning in chrome liquors, hand-buffed aging and glass glazing are just a few examples of the traditional processes handed down over the decades by ILCEA staff. Today this inimitable know-how has found a new lease of life through modern technologies and strict quality control procedures.

Under its new ownership ILCEA offers its services as a major player on increasingly tough raw materials procurement markets, processing only small, European raw calfskins, whose fine grain makes them the best.

From start to finish the production process is under close control by ILCEA technicians with decades of experience, and all processing is performed on our own premises so as to retain complete control over the entire production chain. All of this means that every individual skin processed is 100% traceable, which offers customers the certainty that the skins they purchase are produced in compliance with the strictest safety, environmental and ethical regulations.

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